How to Join

Interested in joining Pack 703?

The months of August and September are the traditional times that most boys in Grades 1 - 5 join Cub Scouts. Registration can be done at local Rallies or at regular scheduled Den or Pack meetings (see the Calendar tab for dates). The Rally provides an overview of Pack 703 and is a forum that also allows for questions and answers. Prior to the Rally check out this website for some additional information about Being a Scout .

2013 Rocket Shoot

On Saturday November 9, 2013, the pack came together at our new chartering organization's property to launch rockets high into the air.....and into the trees. Many siblings of scouts came to shoot rockets as well and all the kids had a "BLAST" chasing down the rockets after they were launched.

Bears & Webelos I @ NASA

On February 10-11 our Bear and Webelos I Dens went to NASA Space Center near Houston. The Webelos worked on the Scientist Activity Badge and the Bears completed the Space Arrow Points. They also camped in space!

Pictures are now uploaded and available. Check them out at: NASA Space Center Houston Photo Album

Adopt-A-Street Clean Up Day

On March 31, we did our duty to clean up our Adopt-A-Street. We had 22 people assist. We collected 12 bags of trash. One of the boys found a $5 bill, which he donated to the pack.

Pictures are now uploaded and available. Check them out at: Adopt-A-Street Clean Up Photo Album

2011 Mansfield Holiday Parade

The Pack participated the Mansfield Holiday Parade this year. Despite the weather, the Parade was a great success! Our float won Most Holiday Spirit!!!

Pictures are now uploaded and available. Check them out at: Holiday Parade Photo Album

Our assistant Cubmaster, Jeff Smith, was performing double duty at the parade. He played the bagpipes at the beginning of the parade with the Mansfield Fire Department. Way to go Jeff! You can see him in the video link from about 0.22 to 0.34 seconds on the timeline. Nate Hyde, Buster and Christa Humphries – with the “Most Holiday Spirit” banner – 1.56 to 1.57 seconds on the timeline.Pack 703 Float and Cub Scouts – you can see this in the 1.58 to 2.18 timeline.

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